In this blog post we'll explore how you can scale your security during periods of high growth for your organization
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How to Scale Your IT Security as You Grow

Growth should be the goal of every modern business. With growth comes opportunities for improvement and innovation, but only for those companies that can keep up. When organizations begin to grow too quickly, they struggle to scale up in time to take advantage of their success.

Scaling your security posture is critical in this situation. Let’s find out how this can be achieved.

Why Scaling Matters

Scalability is a critical factor in every organization as it allows you to seamlessly adjust operations as your company changes in size and it needs to support modern business delivery models.

As companies grow, so does the target on their back for attackers. Taking into consideration complex environments such as cloud or hybrid cloud as well as the increase in remote work, things get even more complicated.  The more that a company expands, the more its digital footprint increases.

If companies fail to scale their security with their organization, they open themselves to considerable cybersecurity risks. Even if they have a capable team of security analysts, they will face an increasingly heavy workload as their company expands. This means more security threats, decisions, and actions to be made. 

With only so much time in the day and security teams already overloaded with threats, adding more to their workload will only complicate security further. If security analysts begin to skip alerts or look only at high and critical ones to match their capacity, it isn't feasible for them to manage growth without the addition of supportive resources. 

Provide Your Security Team With the Right Support

Nearly every modern company looks to improve its security efforts and onboard new security team members or outsource. That said, there are only so many qualified candidates available, and they are in high demand - while vendor lock-in comes with new challenges and knowledge loss when it comes to how threats are being handled.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution. By equipping security analysts with AI-Assisted Cybersecurity, organizations can easily support their current analysts while scaling their cybersecurity efforts. AI-Assisted Cybersecurity acts as an analysts’ “driver-assist”, giving them assistance when it comes to decision making for threats.

Your security team already has the knowledge, experience and contextual information to handle threats to their organization, they just need to be able to scale it to accommodate growing needs. This is where can help.

As threats are processed, the security analyst provides feedback on how they should be treated, incorporating their knowledge, experience and contextual information into the AI models. This way, when new threats are processed, all these elements are used to make a decision by, leveraging them to scale the entire team’s capacity to handle threats. In turn, analysts have more time to focus on improving security posture or upskill to accommodate the growth stage their company is in.

These features are instrumental in supporting security analysts in decision assistance and post-decision actions. Consequently, companies can significantly improve their threat response time and reduce burnout even as they grow. As such, security analysts can maintain their new workload - and get ahead of it.

Utilize Scalable Tools seamlessly integrates within existing ecosystems without disrupting current workflows. It can integrate with most of an organization’s adopted security technologies and vendors such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, Elastic, PaloAlto or ServiceNow to name a few.

Additionally, leverages the knowledge and contextual information of your analysts, mapping itself to the process of threat handling that is used within your organization. Because no environment is the same, having this flexibility is key when trying to scale.

All security processes can be assimilated and applied to the solution without time or resource limitations. With AI-Assisted Cybersecurity, companies can not only scale their IT security as they grow - but improve it. 

Bogdan Teodor