AI-Assisted Cybersecurity is a new approach to security operations, that enables organizations to leverage their current talent pool to keep up with their security
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Using AI to Leverage Talent in Cybersecurity

What if you could augment your cybersecurity team’s knowledge and scale their efforts to address threats. If you could multiply the force of your team to make your systems safer and analysts happier

So, What is AI-Assisted Cybersecurity?

You can think of AI-Assisted Cybersecurity as a method of leveraging current security talent. It assists individual analysts on a SOC team by offering guidance at decision-making stages. Its function is to automate tasks and learn from analysts so they can create automation in a "smart" way - taking into account the knowledge and experience of the entire team. The solution includes assistance at the decision-making (such as the decision to escalate and investigate or discard an alert) and automation at post-decision stages - (such as automation for actions like creating tickets, notifications, or triggering SOAR playbooks).

In essence, the model automates certain processes and uses the collective wisdom of the team to assist in analysts decision making. So, as your SOC team continues to improve, the model retains those gains - allowing future analysts to benefit from the collected insights. To be clear, when using, your analyst’s skill is amplified and retained and can be scaled for the benefit of the SOC team - and the entire company for as long as the solution is in place. Organizations can then use that knowledge to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the SOC across the life of the organization, providing a good long term ROI.

How Assists Cybersecurity Analysts 

It is critical for CISO’s to understand the extent of the current security talent deficit. With a small and competitive talent pool it is vital to an organization to keep their analysts satisfied with their work, and to ensure they have opportunities to grow professionally. Time-consuming, tedious, and unrewarding tasks can be automated using AI-Assisted Cybersecurity, helping to free analysts time for more rewarding and productive work - and keeping them more engaged with company larger goals. 

According to a recent study, the top three most desired improvements for SOC professionals include:

  • Additional Training
  • Opportunities for certifications 
  • More flexible working conditions

Each of these top improvements can be addressed by freeing up time with the help of AI-Assisted Cybersecurity. The model automates and preserves knowledge to help analysts have time to learn and get certifications - and also by assisting and passing the knowledge of analysts to the rest of the team.

Augment Current Cybersecurity Processes

To put it simply, is a unique new approach that enables humans and AI to work together to help streamline SOC processes. With this unique application, in fact, can actually create an unlimited number of AI models depending on the data, environment, feedback, and other input.

The models learn from cybersecurity analyst teams - and apply that knowledge to assist your entire cybersecurity analyst team. Any skilled analyst can ‘teach’ the system - no expensive, hard-to-find data science or data engineers are required to implement automation. 

Over time the model becomes smarter and encompasses the knowledge of the team that uses it and adapts to the particularities of the ecosystem in which it runs, integrating seamlessly without disrupting existing workflows. Instead, it works with them in order to improve them with the help of AI. As learns from analysts - it adapts to the ecosystem to improve processes using the knowledge of the cybersecurity team.

Highlights of’s AI-Assisted Cybersecurity Solution:

  • Scales People, Productivity, and Solutions

Harnessing the collective wisdom of your SOC analysts, leverages your experts’ knowledge and AI to automate tasks and add efficiencies into your cybersecurity processes as you grow. It maximizes the value of SOC talent - unlocking their potential for growth and more significant contribution to the company. 

  • System Agnostic is entirely system agnostic. It seamlessly connects with most cybersecurity and automation tools on the market today. It streamlines operational efficiency with assisted decision-making based on the expert knowledge compiled by the deep learning model.

  • Retains Knowledge and Experience: 

The knowledge collected by the system is retained — representing all of the experts who have provided input to the AI model and benefiting future analysts and the entire SOC team. This provides a safety net for new analysts and keeps critical business intelligence in-house. Assists Your Cybersecurity Analyst Team

For businesses experiencing consistent growth, it is critical that the SOC team can stay ahead of new potential threats and that cybersecurity analysts can keep up with the pace when faced with the rapidly increasing number of attacks generating alerts. Additionally, growth creates staffing challenges in an already difficult talent shortage. CISOs must find a way to address these issues to ensure their company remains secure.  

The AI-Assisted Cybersecurity model allows CISO’s to “scale” their best talent and meet KPIs eliminating the need to hire more people. It also effectively offers a safety net for new analysts and gives time for professional development, while simultaneously freeing their high-performing analysts time to do more valuable work. It can also help organizations retain top talent by replacing mundane work with more rewarding opportunities. allows SOC teams to capture and actionize the knowledge of their analysts. This groundbreaking model provides much-needed support for each individual cybersecurity analyst - and benefits entire organizations by retaining valuable company knowledge.

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Horia Sibinescu